On this page you can see all the details about the ENEQUI’22 accommodation

In the list below you will find codes corresponding to the types of rooms. The letters identify the hostel (CW – Change The World Hostels Almedina; PJ – Pousada da Juventude; WW – WW Hostel & Suites; AD – Alojamento Local Duarte’s). The numbers identify the type of room.

On the registration form we will ask you to indicate 3 room options, in order of preference. You must do it using these codes. We will also ask for the name of the person responsible for the room and the roomates.

Change The World Hostels – Coimbra – Almedina

CW:4 – Room for 4 people (S,S,S,S)

Pousada da Juventude de Coimbra

PJ:2 – Room for 2 people (S,S)

PJ:6M – Room for 6 people (M) (S,S,S,S,S,S)

Alojamento Local Duarte’s

AD:2 – Room for 2 people (D)

the letters S and C identify the types of beds (S: single; D: double)