About Us

The 1st National Meeting of Chemistry Students (ENEQUI) was organized in Coimbra, on March 22nd-24th, 2013, with the support of the Chemistry Students Union – University of Coimbra. The main purpose of this Meeting was to bring together students from Chemistry BSc and MSc courses from all the universities across the country. With the topic “From University to the World”, this first edition intended to present, discuss and stimulate the theoretical and practical bases of the innovation and knowledge transfer process, from the University to the market.

The 2nd ENEQUI took place in Covilhã, on March 28th-30th, 2014, with the support of the Chemistry Students Union – University of Beira Interior. In this meeting, the first board members of the National Association of Chemistry Students were elected.

The 3rd ENEQUI was in Aveiro, between March 27th and March 29th 2014, with the subject “Enlighten your knowledge”. The organizing members were part of the Chemistry Students Union – University of Aveiro and of the ANEQ. This years Meeting had the presence of the Professor Peter Atkins, author of many handbooks and scientific books widely used by chemistry students.

The 4th ENEQUI took place in Porto, during March 18th-20th 2016 and it was coordinated by the Chemistry Students Union – University of Porto, in partnership with ANEQ . With the theme “Do you fell this energy?”, this Meeting addressed issues related to Chemistry and Energy.

In 2017, the ENEQUI returned to the city where it was born, Coimbra. The 5th ENEQUI happened on April 7th-10th, being the first edition with four days. The organizing committee worked with the Chemistry Students Group of the Academic Association of Coimbra (NEQ/AAC) and with ANEQ. The topic under discussion was “Chemistry: approaching the Future” and the talk with Professor Ada Yonath, who received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2009, was one of the main attractions of this Meeting.

The 6th ENEQUI was in Covilhã, during March 23rd-26th of 2018. With the theme “Question, Research and Discover”, this Meeting approached the importance of Chemistry, the most versatile science in our society. ANEQ and the Chemistry Students Group of the University of Beira Interior (UBIQuímica) worked together to make known the role of chemists around the world. Praising the Portuguese chemists and the top research achieved across borders, this Meeting counted with several Portuguese speakers who developed their work outside Portugal.

In 2019, for the first time, the ENEQUI took place in Caparica and it was organized by the Applied Chemistry Students Group of the FCT/NOVA University Lisbon. From March 22nd to March 25th, students from all the Universities with a course in the Chemistry area, went to the Campus of the FCT/NOVA Lisbon for four days of learning, networking and experiences exchange.